Dare to Dream

Posted on December 27, 2016 at 2:45 PM

Dare to dream bigger and louder and brighter than ever before. Behold what could be possible for you by broadening your horizons and limits so large that there are no boundaries as to what is possible for you.

It breaks my heart to see people shut down, to droop their heads and drop their eyes, clearly powerlessness and fear has overcome them. They have allowed the momentary obstacles to halt them, or persuade them that it’s all too hard and what’s the point anyway. They have lost their way and become engulfed in the whirlwind of life and enslaved to mediocrity and a life of security and comfortability.

However there is a choice, a HUGE choice in this moment, it’s to decide that the temporary setbacks are NOT permanent!

That’s it, that’s all it is….. A decision in that moment to continue to keep trudging forward, small step by small step. To unleash the calling in you and the drive in you to continue, no matter how difficult or how arduous the task.

Knowing your “WHY”  helps us tap into greater resources within ourselves, however I also believe that it’s the STANDARDS that we set for ourselves that greatly determines how far we will take it. We all have thresholds and the biggest difference between someone who is super successful in a particular area, or who is not, is simply because of the STANDARD they chose for themselves in what is acceptable to them or not.

When we hit our lowest threshold and standard of living in any area, whether that is with our weight, our finances our relationships, it suddenly becomes an impactful moment in which YOU decide this MUST CHANGE. You are no longer willing to spend another day or even another minute like this, something HAS to change then, boom, we suddenly FIND the energy, FIND the resources, FIND whatever it is that we need to create the changes.

The problem is that often we allow our FEAR of hitting ROCK BOTTOM to drive us and push us, which feels super uncomfortable. Instead of having absolute CLARITY on where you are going and why you want it. Those dreams will pull you with a magnetic , enthusiasm that makes you want to wake up early, and feel excited about the day!

When we are driven by FEAR and "need to" and "have to", it is exhausting and tiring. There is so much energetic resistance that we create through being driven that way. Not to mention how hard it is to attempt to wake up feeling excited about the day, when you have a bunch of "have tos" and "shoulds" on your list!

I truly believe that people are conditioned to stop dreaming, unless you are either a.) super fortunate to have amazing, inspiring and supportive people around you, or b.) have consciously chosen to surround yourself with these people, then slowly overtime we dull our dreams and desires, giving into the naysayers, the fears and the people that are uncomfortable with your success, because it highlights to them what they are not fully embracing for themselves.

So often we succumb to the thought that it’s too hard. Or we don’t know how, so we don’t even try. Of course these are all protection mechanisms of the survival mind and Ego. Designed to keep us safe, to not extend too far beyond our “tribe.” To protect us from the fear of failure or fear of success, so that we will still fit in and belong and so that we are still accepted by those around us.

To fully embrace your DREAMS means facing your FEARS and the greatest satisfaction that comes from doing so, is not achieving your goals and dreams, but WHO you become in the PROCESS!

It really is true, I have to honestly say, my proudest moments are when I am stepping up, and stepping through and beyond my fear. The level of exhilaration that I feel when I follow through with what I feel called to do, despite my fear is one of the best feelings that life has to offer. To know that I am living my truth and following my heart is pure magic to me.

Who are you, deep in your heart?

What is it that you were born to do, create and be?

Why is it important that you do this?

What’s held you back from stepping up?

Why is that a complete fallacy?

What could you do today to get started?

Just one small action is all it takes to create the wave of momentum. As the metaphor goes, it’s like trying to move a boulder. It takes a bit to get started, but once you have it’s hard to stop it.

Success breeds success. The more you show up for yourself and your dreams the more you will build, create and reinforce the self-belief, confidence and extend what is possible for you. It reinforces the belief that you can and are finding a way. But best of all, the feeling that you get from aligning your heart and soul with your actions is one of pure joy and happiness.

Dare to Dream, dare to fail, dare to succeed…..

Don’t waste another second in doubt, in fear, in second guessing yourself. DECIDE to step up and follow your heart. DECIDE to inspire those around you. DECIDE to dream audaciously, massive big goals and dreams, knowing that the only time that you can ever truly fail, is when you give up and walk away completely…….

Check out this amazing lady who followed her dream to swim the English Channel.

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If Diana Nyad can swim 100 miles at age 64, what might be possible for you?

What is the ONE thing that you have wanted to create, do or be for the longest time that you have not given yourself permission to receive or create yet?

Why is this important to you?

What or who else would this impact?

What else would it give you or others?

What are the consequences if you don’t follow through?

Imagine it’s now 12 months from now. It’s December 2017….. You’ve poured your heart and soul into this, taken massive action and got your result. How do you feel?

If you are ready to take action on creating something magnificent for 2017, you are ready to DARE TO DREAM BIG, then I can’t wait to share my ‘Create a life you Love” course, it’s coming soon and it’s exactly what you need to follow through, create your dreams and follow your heart! More details soon! xox



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