The Importance of Gratitude in Your Life

Posted on March 2, 2014 at 1:15 PM


"Happiness comes from a grateful heart." The first time I heard this statement I could definitely see how this was true, however I did not even begin to think of the deep impact that this statement would have in my life until much later on.

A friend and I were discussing the other day, how much that little saying can really affect your life. When you get it and really get it at a super deep level and start practising it in every area of your life, blessings and miracles literally appear everywhere yin your life. It is so essential to your happiness, wellbeing and for reducing your stress levels. I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I had not learnt this one simple little tip.

The importance that this statement has played in the amount of happiness I have in my life is profound. When you begin to start practising gratitude by seeing the things, in life you feel happy about. It is a wonderful thing, however I have found that with continual practise of this that I am able to now also be grateful for even the biggest challenges in my life, even for relationships that have not been the way I wanted them too, and also for all the little inconveniences or even rather big, so called catastrophes.

Everything has shown me a better path, a newer way and I have grown so much from every experience as a result. Some very powerful questions that you may be able to ask yourself, is “Where is the good in this?” Or “What can I learn from this?”, or “How can I choose to grow and become more as a result of this experience?” Life is so valuable and it is continually showing you the way, through how you are feeling. If you are not feeling very happy then you know that there are some things that you are thinking about which are impacting on that. It’s important to gain clarity around this as sometimes you may tend to blame the situation or circumstances to be the thing that is impacting on your happiness, however it really comes back to how you might be perceiving or thinking about your circumstances that creates the unhappy feeling…. There is always a choice.

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